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When I first heard about the ladies of Sister Circle, I was immediately intrigued by the line-up. When was the last time we saw an all woman of color co-host talk show? Never. Well, that is not until now. Sister Circle is sisterhood personified in a positive light that teaches women how to respect themselves, speak their truth and gives balance for young women; something they don’t get on social media and television. The show features topics and stories that breaks boundaries and puts things out there that are important and draw women together through commonality.Originally the producer envisioned two women to cohost the show, but by divine design, four women completed the circle bringing their own strengths that complimented each other. Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married to Medicine), Syleena Johnson (R&B Divas), Kiana Dancy (Stand up Comedienne) and Rashon Ali (TV host, Sports Reporter, and Radio Show Host) make up Sister Circle; as individuals holding their own very well, but collectively they are a motivational, inspiring, ball of fun energy. When speaking with them, there is never a dull moment. In fact, they may take you to church, leaving you with a good Word and some wisdom nuggets for your spirit.


Make no mistake about it, first of all, ‘they all love the Lord’, says Quad Webb-Lunceford. She says, that makes it easy to bring that spirituality to the circle because God gives them hope to be able to do a job like the Sister Circle, because it is extremely difficult. Their executive producer is also very serious about them praying before each show. It is important to their foundation that they pray before they go out before millions of people. “We have to be led by Him in order to heal. We can’t do what He would do if they aren’t sent out by him’, says Quad. She continues, “It is so important to have a spiritual foundation in anything that you do because there are so many negative entities that are always trying to take anything that is trying to be for the greater good, down. When you have that power and that spiritual sense of protection, you can face anything. Here at Sister Circle, we may not have everything that we need, all the time but whatever we have is right on time.”


Rashon chimes in, “It’s always enough”. Quad continues, “Even when it feels like it’s not. I think that is by design and I think that God put it together on purpose. When people come down to the Sister Circle, one thing that they always say is, ‘oh my God, the energy here, the spirit that you guys have’… They love to come down here and that is the anointing”, says Quad. “I think that we are very, very blessed and the entire production is on purpose; and not on purpose because it is put together by amazing people and amazing minds, but because God said so. Who would we be if we didn’t honor him if we didn’t have him in our spirit every time we came to work?”


The Sister Circle shared a bit about their interviews with Matthew Knowles and Pastor John Gray, citing that everyone says that there is something about Sister Circle, including Wendy Williams.


After sharing a piece of her personal testimony of overcoming and surviving molestation, Kiana shares, “We all have different backgrounds, but we respect each other. We come to the table with different opinions, being able to respect each other and put those perspectives to the world. We may speak differently, we just respect each other. We say what we say and leave it at the table.” “Even if we don’t agree with the other co-host, it’s all about respect,” says Rashon. 


Syleena Johnson says, “We were created for this (Sister Circle). We were put together because we are different. What kind of show would this be if we thought the same all the time? We have to show people how to have an educational, healthy conversation. You can agree to disagree.”


Overall the Sister Circle wants to be known for being inspiring, entertaining, and motivating. They want to continue to show that they are not perfect, but they are relative to their audience. Male or female, ask yourself, who’s in your circle? Who can you trust with your innermost? The fact remains that, everyone needs a circle in their time of need or even when they just need to speak their truth. These types of relationships and friendships are needed. We draw strength from each other. They want to be known for celebrating and highlighting people and encompass people in their circle. 


So, whether you love Quad, the walking dictionary, compassionate, freedom fighter; or Rashon, the analytical and diplomatic one; or Kiana, the courageous one that will give it to you straight - no chaser; or Syleena, the mother and war-tested entertainer, who may seem complex at times; they are all women of color shining in their best light, with strengths that compliment each other. They all agree that what they are doing together supersedes what they could ever do as individuals.


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January 9, 2019

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