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Nicki Minaj Lends Bars to the Gospel

August 29, 2017



Let’s talk about Tasha Cobb’s new song, “I’m Getting Ready” ft Nicki Minaj from the album Heart. Passion.  Pursuit.


It was interesting to see the saints take on this musical union. There were some who flat out will not listen to the song at all. Overall, the tune is nice. You don’t hear Nicki Minaj all through the song and if you take a phone call during the song, you may very well miss her.  It’s not an anointed tune that makes you fall to your knees in worship or anything, but it’s one that they will definitely push for radio play.  You see, what the church doesn’t understand is that the gospel industry is a business just like any other business. The goal and the purpose of the business is always to make money. What we have had in the past are female gospel artists such as Michelle Williams who crossover and back over again and again between genres, but now we have those who will not ‘sell out’ and crossover, but will allow a secular artist to come on over and join them in their ministry.


Now, I know what the saints are saying, but I am curious how the world and the fans of Nicki Minaj feel about her recent gospel crossover duet. Walking away from the rap game? Is she crossing over into a new genre? Pursuing her faith? Why can’t Nicki be getting ready for the overflow to come into her life as well? I personally have nothing to say about how God use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. He has always used music to bridge gaps, so why can’t out great God expand the borders of the gospel? God can use anybody and dare he not let rocks cry out in our place. I think the saints and the church should really take a step outside of the religious confines of our church thinking and think about who this song is supposed to reach outside of the four walls.


Let’s look at the big elephant in the room. Tasha Cobb’s management, which includes herself all agreed to the duet and more often than not, it was a move put into motion by her record label. The irony is, everyone will continue to bash Nicki Minaj for the few bars she did on the track and Tasha will continue to get praise. You won’t hear about her losing any of her fans. She’ll make another song and her fans will love her all the same. Nicki Minaj’s fans may not feel the same. She stands a chance of losing more of her fan base more than Tasha Cobbs, while Tasha Cobbs‘voice will now be heard in secular arenas and the gospel can continue to be shared to the ends of the earth.


Two women from two different music worlds came together to give praise to the Most High in hopes that someone may be encouraged with “I’m Getting Ready”. I think it was a brilliant idea and method for ministry, so that the masses of souls that are lost may have this gospel of Jesus Christ reach their ear gates.

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