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Interview with S.H.E. by SCHERICKA

April 20, 2017

"You never have to buy anything, the fact that you’re connecting and that you are becoming a part of who we are..." - Schericka Gee, S.H.E. Owner/Visionary


Shericka Gee: Well my name is Shericka Gee: Gee and I actually am the owner of S.H.E. by Schericka Shericka which is a female empowerment. It initially started off as an apparel brand but we are kind of branching out a little bit more and bringing some new things for 2017. So we just like to call ourselves a brand in general and not kind of go into one area and get ourselves isolated. S.H.E started back in January of 2016 so we’re just over our 1 year anniversary and it’s something that, like I said I didn’t start out set a brand and I didn’t know this was going to happen it was really one of those things. And when they say God actually gives you something I can say without a shadow of a doubt he gave me S.H.E and that’s why I think I do go so hard and I do it with so much passion because when you know God gives you something you do not want to fail at it. You do not want to do it a disservice, you know you put everything that you have into it. So I think that’s why I do look at the brand and look at, I like to call it more of a sisterhood because it got away from being a brand to really it’s kind of doing its own thing to where it’s joining us together as women. So to see that taking place and knowing that it started from something simple as t-shirts. I’m happy to say that I’m a part of it and I don’t look at myself as being in the fore front I say to my S.H.E sisters that I stand alongside you. I don’t stand in front of you even though my name may be on the brand, to me it’s not about that it’s about knowing that as it’s growing, and as we’re maturing that we are not only building the brand but we’re strengthening our relationship as women. So I’m just happy to be a part of that but I had this call myself on a nutshell just a girl that’s chasing the dream I guess you would say and it just happens to be a brand and I’m just letting God do what he does.


Shanica LaShay:  Amen, amen. Congratulations on your one year mark and meeting that endurance such grace. Now how did you, how did that – you’re welcome. How did God give you the vision, what was the vision that he gave you exactly?


Shericka Gee: Well it started out, actually it was in another business, and I also have an event planning brand. So initially that’s kind of what I was doing my thing in a little over a year ago. I kind of got off and my heart wasn’t in it I could do it but it wasn’t anything that I would say passionate about. And then I kind of began to just kind of get on Facebook and I got on Facebook for the purposes of building that brand. That was the whole way of being able to meet people because I’m not what you would call somebody who is kind of out and about all the time. So that was the purpose of even getting on social media. Like out on social media I began to see just a fellowship that people say social media is so bad and I say social media is bad if you let it be bad. But it’s also something that could turn things into greater things.





So as I got on Facebook and I began to you know fellowship and chit chat with this female, she lived in California, and she is in New York and you start developing all this relationships with people that you really don’t even know. You’re going off on personality, going off of just what you are reading on the timeline and you’re connecting with people in that way. As that began to happen that I think people kind of, I kind of like had my own little take on fashion so I kind of just sporadically just did you know post here and there and you know writing those posts so it kind of like became my staple. So it kind of did its own little thing and I said hey I like clothing, you know I think I had on a shirt one day and someone asked was it mine and I’m like no, I like the brand and who its by but it’s not mine. So that’s kind of where the whole thought process of a t-shirt came about and I’m like you know even if I do this what I’m I going to call it like I don’t – I’m not like a fashion guru and I don’t know anything about design and all that kind of stuff but I knew it was something that was manifesting. So I kind of had to go with that and I said okay God is this what is going to happen I don’t know what to call it but I need for you to show me you know what it’s supposed to be. And I – like what I’m doing right now, I was having a conversation with someone on the telephone you know just chit chatting and everybody knows me and I’m religious with having a legal pad and a pen. Everywhere I go that’s kind of my thing, I always keep paper and pencil with me all the time. So as I was talking on the telephone I began to just scribble and scribble and after the phone conversation ended and I kind of hung up and I was doing my own thing I looked down at the notepad and it said S.H.E. I said okay S.H.E, what is S.H.E? And that’s when it kind of tied back to okay your telling me a brand I know now this is what it’s supposed to be but I didn’t know what it was supposed to represent. I knew there was a name but I didn’t know how to make the connection between the name and what God was showing me. So I kind of sat on it for a while you know I was like okay this is S.H.E, what is S.H.E? I knew that I loved talking to females, I knew I loved you know posting and being inspirational and trying to be motivational. I knew that was my thing and that’s how I was connecting with people just in the beginning. So I asked them to tell me, and fast forward a couple of weeks he told me what it was. He said S.H.E is supposed to be strength humility and excellence so that kind of went and did its own thing, okay this is S.H.E, this is what it means, I know it’s for female empowerment so I kind of got on Facebook and I knew that I wanted to announce it, I didn’t really have any design yet but I kind of took what I learned and what kind of struck a nerve with me and that’s where I wanted to run. So I began to reach out to different illustrators and different artistes in my local area and said okay look I know this is supposed to be something that I want to be universal. I don’t want it to be anything that’s saying S.H.E is all black, S.H.E is all white, S.H.E is all Hispanic I want S.H.E to be something that is universal so the initial design, it was a hook or design called hustlers in heels where you know hustlers it can be taken in a bad connotation if we don’t really explain it to people when we say the word hustler. So I didn’t want to be misleading and when I said that and when they put the name hustlers in heels with that particular design and when the design came about I knew I wanted it to be something that was universal so when the artist did the illustration and he did the heels and he did them in all different colors. He did them in a Burgundy, in a turquoise, in a gold, in a white. And what the image was supposed to depict, what hustlers and heels we are all multiversity, we are all from different geographic locations, different economic statuses, different races, and different religions. So the heels represented us as women coming from all our diversity but still being universal at the same time and saying no matter how different we are we all can be go getters we all can be driven, we all can be motivators, we all can be spiritual. So I kind of wanted it to be something that was universal and that’s kind of how the first image came about and when that image came out and everyone connected with it that’s kind of like how S.H.E was born.


Because somebody asked me if we’re in a club and I said no, I said we’re women you know it’s a sisterhood to me wanting them to understand that if truth be told some of us that are a part of S.H.E now are sisters and one time didn’t talk to one another, didn’t like one another, we couldn’t you know bond with one another but to see now every day we are calling one another sister-girl and girl-friend and hey boo and you know it’s the camaraderie and I tell them all the time. I say if I call you sis, sissy, sister-girl that’s just my way of telling you girl I love you. That’s how I connect and I don’t want to be a brand that buy a shirt oh you're S.H.E, I want you to understand that if you’re someone that never has bought a shirt, if you’re on Facebook and you’re watching the videos and you’re watching the live and you’re looking at the quotes that’s enough for me. You never have to buy anything, the fact that you’re connecting and that you are becoming a part of who we are and that you don’t feel that you’re anything less because you’re not someone that’s purchased anything because that’s far from what I even really care about at all.




Shanica LaShay: Wow, that is so powerful and I don’t know, I’m feeling, I’m really not trying to tap in but you know time to time I do but I’m feeling this – a travelling speaking thing for you behind this. So I don’t know what’s coming up for you in the future but I definitely feel that strong on you...travelling and speaking.


Shericka Gee:  It’s kind of confirmation for me on something else, so Thank God for that. And everybody know me, I’m just someone I love to talk, I love to engage, I love to get into your heart space. But as I was saying sometimes we miss the opportunity to make an impact whether it’s for a 5 minute conversation or whether it’s to have you know a 30min chat at the local dinner it doesn’t matter. We miss opportunities every day to connect with people, and I think for me I don’t want it to be a brand that is so much on the sale. I want it to be a brand that we’re based on family and we’re based on connecting, and we’re based on you know growing together because I think you know you find someone that buys the shirt, I want you to love that S.H.E shirt so much that you wear it until the threads start coming out. I want you to be that connected to it to where you don’t want to let it go because I want it to mean more to you than just a pretty image. I want it to be more of when you look at those three letters that it makes you proud to wear them and not just something that you just put on just to be cute um, that’s not what is about for me – it’s about, if I come to you on the street and I see you have on S.H.E and I call you and say girl tell me what S.H.E mean and you never know am the one that started it and I ask you what it means for you to be able to tell me what it is – that’s when I know my work is being done, that you make the connection and not just look at it if though oh, I bought a shirt from S.H.E, let me take a picture and let me tag Shericka Gee in it, that’s not what is about to me, it’s far greater, it’s far greater than that.


Shanica LaShay: Yes, definitely a greater message and as it says here, Iam looking at your website that she was created to empower women by encouraging them to go after their dreams wholeheartedly and as we see you went for your dreams and as we know it’s not always easy, there is obstacles, there’s trials.
Shericka Gee: Mmhh – oh yeah!


Shanica LaShay: Can you encourage somebody? Tell them maybe of a trial when maybe you felt like giving up on S.H.E or explain something that you’ve gone through to encourage another woman who may be looking...Giving her some encouragement.


Shericka Gee:  The advice that I have to give to anyone is saying, be authentically you and when you do that and operating in your truth and operating in your emotion and operating in your realness, that’s when God begins to do the work  because it’s not about self, it’s about understanding that you need to be truthful with self -  but understanding two different times self still has to fall back in order for him to shine through, so God had to sit me down really for Him to rise up in me and I couldn’t understand that at that particular time – I thought I was being punished, how can you take something given to me now it’s falling apart and I didn’t enjoy about for six months and – you know I felt like God was taking it away from me – it’s not that He was taking it away, He was understanding the fact that at the time I really wasn’t appreciating it, the way that I should be appreciating it, so He had to take it with – sounds like He put me in a time out if that makes sense. He put me in that time out and He said okay, am going to take this away from you and until you can act in it and do in it what it is that I’m telling you do and not what it is that you wish to do for yourself, I have to take this thing away from you because this thing that I’m giving you and this reward that am giving you, you’re not appreciating it – so I had to understand it in that even though I was doing good on the outside to the outside people everybody thought I was killing it, everybody thought I was slaying, but to me I was not working at all in the capabilities really, that God wanted me to work in, I was just really just on the tip of the ice berg in what I was doing –And now everything that I operate in now with the S.H.E, if it does not feel right, even if it’s not led by God, I do not do it – that means I’m going to sell a shirt for a month. I would rather not sell that shirt in month operating in my truth than try to be forceful in it just to make a sale because God has told me in this process and in this work, that if you continue to be on the path that I set before you and if you continue to do what it is that I am telling you to do, there is not a need, your hands will not go lacking anything, and this is what He has spoken to me – so in this season of my life and knowing what she represents and knowing what God is doing, that why am able to say to every sister girl, no matter what race they are, no matter what back they come from, they can be stripping in the night club or they can be the girl that sings in the choir – nobody looks any different to me. My thought process and my word to you is to say, if you are sitting on a dream, no matter what obstacles may come your way, no matter what you may be lacking, no matter what someone has told you in your ear that you cannot do, it’s between you and God, that’s it.



To get the full "She Believed" interview, log on to IN THE FLOW LIVE RADIO



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