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Interview with Kanika Starr-Reynolds: Writing the Vision & Making It Work

Updated: Aug 2

Kanika Star Reynolds Interview

LITO Magazine: So tell me about yourself Mrs. Kanika Star Reynolds

Kanika Star-Reynolds: Well I am a hair stylist. I have been in the hair industry for the past 10yrs. I know that was all ordered by God because, when I was a kid I always thought id grow up to be a teacher just like my parents. And I started working in the beauty salon with my cousin as a shampoo girl. I loved being around these women because, thank God they were positive. A lot of the women there were women of faith and, they were professional women. They showed me how to have some class about myself. They gave me good advice and wisdom. So I said, “you know what I am going to go into the cosmetology industry.” because I loved it so much that it didn’t feel like work even after working all day. And the reason I know that this was ordered by God is because, after many years of doing hair I found out what my true purpose was, Which were motivational speaking and, conference seminar workshops. I could only find that out based on all the stories that I heard from these women. Women who were going through things. I believe that it was a setup because at one of my seminars we used to hold at my beauty salon there was a group of women and we were talking about letting go and beauty from the inside out. What I found out so many times is that women tend to cover up. We get our hair and nails done and wear our designer bags. We do all this stuff that makes us feel so beautiful. But if you don’t know who you truly are then, none it means anything. WHO ARE YOU when your hair falls? WHO ARE YOU when your nails pop off? What God had to show me is something my mom used to say. “What good is it to put clean clothes on a stinky body?” That’s what got me into this whole new realm of helping women from the inside out. When we know who we are then, the beauty will automatically come. You’ll shine; the God that is inside of us can’t help but shine if he is in you. So that is how I got to this point in my life. I still love to do hair and even that is my ministry. It’s like church in the salon. I have an opportunity to witness and help them feel good about themselves. People talk can me and, give me new issues that I could talk about.

Even Facebook helps, there was this older woman who contacted me and, said that she got saved when she was 38yr. Old. She was talking about how life could have been if she would’ve gotten saved earlier. That was an “Aha Moment” for me because I thought we as saved; Christian women can influence young people earlier in life so they can be better people. But as the ?(7.45) says “What we do for ourselves dies with us, and what we do for other people lives on forever. That’s why I’m all about saving souls, inspiration, encouragement, empowerment and challenging women to greatness. That is who I am I am a child of God. I can hold many titles I am a mother, wife, and a stepmother. I can have all these titles but, you know who I am child of God. I am here on this Earth to let my light Shine.

LITO Magazine: I saw that you have this labeled as a confidence coach. I’ve heard life coaches but never confidence coach.

Kanika Star-Reynolds: In the beauty industry so many women lack confidence. My job is to build up confidence and self- esteem. Showing women things they cannot see. When you have confidence you can concur anything.

LITO Magazine: You had a workshop called (?) When God gave that to you did he say though the workshop, or did you just come up with that. What are the specifics on making the Dream Board?

Kanika Star-Reynolds: In 2009 I made my first Dream Board. I named it “vision” board because, that’s what the word of God said. “Write the vision make it plain” (2:2 ?) So since I did my own in 2009, I’ve seen so many dreams comes true. What hasn’t all the way come to ? God has given me a glimpse of it. That’s how I know how powerful these Dream Boards are. Moving to Atlanta I moved here because, I wanted to start doing more motivational speaking, do television so I can inspire globally all over the world through media. Because of the Dream Board and all of the wonderful things I’ve seen God do. I have to do something before 2014 because, there are so many women who are feeling discouraged because they don’t have a vision for their lives. Vision gives us hope.

LITO Magazine: What specific things came to past from making your Dream Boards.

Kanika Star-Reynolds: My first Dream Board there was a picture of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah inspired me and, I was watching TV one day watching the Oprah Show. She said “God can dream of bigger dreams for us than we can dream for ourselves.” I went home and emailed Oprah and all her studios. I told myself that I was going to be on her show. I talked about a topic that I could relate to “What Are You Giving Up in the Recession?” A week later I got a phone call from the producer and they wanted to have me as a guest in the audience on the show.

LITO Magazine: What are the Essentials that someone would need to make a Dream Board?

Kanika Star-Reynolds: I have 5 things to put on there

*A Close Relationship with God


*Healthy Living

LITO Magazine: What’s next for you?

Kanika Star-Reynolds: I am currently writing a book and, I am just about done with it. The book will be out in January. Television is next in mind. The sky is the limit, the things that has been in my heart God is going to finish t in the upcoming year.

LITO Magazine: How can someone get in touch with you?

Kanika Star-Reynolds: They can check out my website. I’m on almost all social media sites so just a

Interview Featured in:

Fall/Winter 2013-14 Issue

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