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What to look for when you shop for beauty products

Have you really took the time to read the ingreditent labels on the back of your favorite beauty products? If you have have you really took note of what they do to your hair and skin?

Thanks to Charlisha Renata, we have a complete list of hair and skin product ingredients and what they do to your hair and skin.

The next time you go shopping for your favorite hair care products, be sure to check out the labels and refer to this list.

The list tells you which cleansers are gentle and best and also let’s you know which one’s are harsh on the hair and skin. She also gives us alcohols that dry and silicones that prevent less build-up and those that produce build-up, alcohols that dry and those that moisturize.

Let this be a game-changer when you’re out shopping for hair and skin products. Know exactly what you’re putting on and absorbing into your body.