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Willa Tubbs shares Veni-Phleb Mobile

Updated: Jul 31

Veni-Phleb Mobile, LLC is a mobile medical company that specializes in mobile lab and drug testing, as well as biometric and paramedical health exams. Life in the Overflow Magazine’s Editor recently sat down with Willa Tubbs, CEO of Veni-Phleb Mobile, LLC and spoke about being a mother, author, life coach and now the owner and operator of the business. She saw a need to help others in her field in two ways, by providing a way to help the patients get the help they needed and other newcomers an opportunity to showcase their skills. Willa also discussed how the company travels to clients so that they can have their tests done in the comfort of their own home or office spaces.

With a location in Arizona, Veni-Phleb Mobile, LLC will also have a location Nevada. The traveling Phlebotomist says that “Making a difference in the lives of others has always been my passion.”

Willa and her husband Johnny Tubbs Jr. have also launched a video podcast ministry. Be sure to connect to Veni-Phleb and Willa Tubbs (@Willajai) on social media.

You can also get to know Willa Jai through her book, ‘She Lived Her Life On Purpose’ and other writings available on Amazon.

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