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Three Perfect Hair Accessories for Summer

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

by Tonya Cross

Summer is my favorite time of the year! It’s a time full of cookouts, vacation getaways, and fun in the sun. Summer is also when many naturals choose to wear their hair out. Below are three perfect hair accessories to style your curls with this summer.

Hair Jewelry

During the summer, braids, twists, and faux locs is a common protective style worn by naturals. These styles allow more time for fun and require less time for daily hair care needs. A great way to add some pop to these styles is with hair jewelry. The hair cuff designs I create through my brand Accented Glory can be worn on braids, twists, or locs. I even have a few customers that wear the design on loose hair.

When styling with hair jewelry there are three things to consider.

Closed Loops – If the hair accessory design has loops make sure the loops are closed to avoid getting your hair tangled in the design. Also check wire and metal designs for nicks by running your finger over design to avoid hair snags.

Design Weight – All of my hair cuff designs are lightweight. My hair jewelry is created with silver plated cooper wire that’s also pliable. There are no worries of jewelry weighting down hair and pulling at the scalp. The four designs I have available in my Esty Shop are cowrie shell, ankh, crown, and peace sign.

Care Instructions – To prolong the look of your hair jewelry, I highly recommend that you follow the design’s care instructions. The wire of my designs are permanent colored and tarnish resistant, however I still recommend removing them from your hair during tasks or activities involving water.


With summer comes warmer weather. To stay cool many naturals choose to wear their hair up; off their neck and face. For those high puff and pony tail styles, a headband is a great accent accessory. Three things should you consider when styling with headbands are below.


Headband Width – Headbands can be used to keep your hair off your forehead and neck on hot summer days. My headband widths range from 5/8 to 3 ½ inches and come in a variety of styles. I have cowrie shell, woven fabric, and African print designs. Headbands that are 1 inch or less is recommended for short hair because those widths expose more hair. For longer or thick hair I recommend 1 inch or more, this width allows the headband to be a visible accent.

Satin Headbands - Satin and satin lined headbands can protect hair line front edges and nape of neck; depending on whether you wear the headband in the front or back of head. Satin prevents natural hair from drying out and breakage. I have a variety of satin and satin lined headband designs that protect your hair in my Esty Shop.

Adjustable Headbands - The biggest complaint I hear about headbands is headband headaches! Too tight designs can cause compression headaches which is why ALL of my headband designs are adjustable. You can control how tight my headbands fit. My customers share in reviews about the comfortable wear of my designs.

Floral Hairpins

Nothing says summertime like a beautiful flower! Hair flowers have been worn by women all over the world for centuries. Flowers are symbols of joy and pleasure. Below are three things you should consider when styling with floral hairpins.

Flower Placement - Did you know that where you place your floral accessories can send an unspoken message? In the Hawaiian culture, wearing a flower on the left indicates that a woman is married or in a relationship. Wearing a flower on the right indicates that you’re single and ready to mingle!

Flower Color - There is power in color. Colors have meanings and can instantly set a mood. They evoke emotions and spark a reaction. The floral hairpin in my online shop is orange. The color orange symbolizes warmth, confidence, and success. Check out my floral hairpin design on Etsy.

Any Day - Originally flowers were worn in the hair for special occasions like festivals and weddings.'

Today you can wear a flower in your hair anytime. You’re worthy to be celebrated everyday!

I enjoyed sharing with you about three perfect hair accessories for the summer. However you choose to style with accessories, be sure to have fun styling and make this the best summer yet!

Tonya Cross

Visionary Designer

Get a FREE copy of my “Styling With Hair Accessories Guide” here!

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