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The New Normal

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Chantel Williams is an author, graphic designer, business strategist, empowerment leader, and mentor.

Honestly the 2020 Pandemic was meant to happen. So much has come out of it, and I wonder what if it didn’t happen. In my opinion if the Pandemic didn’t take place, then things would be at a standstill, constant, and no room for change or growth. Many would lack the desire to change. Being stuck in a comfort zone would have been the standard and we would not have been able to forcefully accept and adjust to the “New Normal”.


Ideas and passions would have gone unnoticed and probably even unannounced, leading to a level of complacency which then creates a negative impact on growth thus developing a stagnant approach. At times we get so caught up in the normal flow of life that we become so familiar with known patterns and are unable to see beyond them. We fail to look at the bigger picture and think beyond the box.

Being unexpectedly laid off from my 9-5 job during the pandemic, really opened my eyes to the fact of how important it is to have your own business and build community connections. My book, which acts as a step-by-step guided action plan- outlines strategies on how to ensure that one has access to tools and resources to properly develop their business, maintain proper schedules to handle personal life, ministry, and business, all while setting boundaries in the event an unexpected event occurs such as job loss. I strongly encourage and support business development and entrepreneurship every chance that I get. For this is the most secure method to building a successful lifestyle and legacy. I would never wish what happened to me on anyone. I am most thankful to God, because he was already preparing me for the moment. He allowed me to access resources and tools that impacted my business operations in a great way prior to the incident. My business continues to flourish in a great way, and I am most grateful for being able to reach back and help others with their business development ideas and strategy implementation. Never focus so much on the bad that you forget to visualize the good that will come from it. §

Being a wife, mother, friend, and woman of many talents wearing multiple hats, Chantel LaToya Williams faced an immediate interruption in her life, and was forced to pivot. Chantel’s pivoting moment pushed her into a different level and way of thinking and provided the ideal tools and resources needed to use her story as an empowerment platform to inspire others while encouraging them to continue living out their God given talent and vision. Chantel is a Native of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, but currently resides in Hopewell, Virginia.

Learn more about Chantel at

FB: Maxxtell Creations, LLC

IG: @maxxtellcreations

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