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Taking Authority in Natural Healing

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Pastor Paris Harrison is passionate about the earth, healing and its people. We at Life in the Overflow magazine took the time to talk with her about her passion, natural health solutions and venture in the wine industry.

Hello Paris, tell us what you do and what sets you apart from others that are in your field and do what you do?

I am blessed to be a multi-faceted entrepreneur who specializes in a very delicate area of Holistic Health. My passion for the earth and healing goes far beyond one who just looks for a solution, I look for the cause, the solution, and the healing in its entirety. As a master gardener, I grow every herb and vegetable, studying it carefully for its purpose as my goal is to restore people and their health, mind-body, and soul. The passion I have for my clients and their lives and ways of living means they have invited me into a sacred area, a place in their lives that is personal and intimate. They are looking for answers to so many questions about their health, ailments, challenges, mental state of being, physical state of living as well as development. Being a Holistic Healer in Ministry means that God has given me a gift to share through the powers of my hands and wisdom of my knowledge of the earth to restore people naturally, organically, wholly (holy), and holistically. The time that I take to learning about my clients, hearing not about just their ailments but who they are is what allows me to truly go deep into prayer seeking what God has for them to restore them to better health.

Sadly in today’s world, chemicalized medication is the quick answer with no long-term solution. It is a mask to cover and not a cure! Doctors prescribe multiple medications without a true plan to help that person overcome and a lot of those medications cause more damage than what originally was wrong. I teach people how to eat to live, how to cook to live, how to appreciate life and all that it has to offer so that they can live with the correct mindset, because your mind dictates your reactions and actions, to honor your body which is your temple and how one is to treat, value and care for that temple. Once the temple has a loose brick the foundation begins to crumble, but if that loose brick is restored the temple can maintain with longevity, aged to perfection. I reserve careful focus on spirit, I live a very transparent life allowing my followers to see that yes God has blessed me but not without a cost. Spirit is built with faith, hope, trust, and love. These are the essential tools needed to keep the foundation intact. If your spirit is raised, the pits of depression, anxiety, and sadness can not defeat you. If your spirit is raised, that means God is always seeing you are ready for your next level of appointment. When we find ourselves in deep pits of misery, it contaminates our bodies because it contaminates our minds. Once we lose our minds the enemy preys and where he preys he seeks to destroy.

It is my assignment to not only heal a person’s body by touch but to heal their minds, give them hope to feed on, faith to pull on, and love to grow on.

As a Funeral Service Associate my compassion and empathy to comfort and stand by families during a time that is the most challenging of their lives, I can relate on so many levels as it allows me to offer a calming presence, a gentle spirit, and when they are ready empowering words to get them past where they are and into healing.

And with my new venture as a wine producer, I saw a vision that would leave a legacy for my children. I envisioned a blueprint of something that could grow and be built on so I went after it. Using my own grown produce, fruits and berries I decided to make wines and build a brand with our family name. Now we don’t just have a name we own our brand which is our name!!!

PJ Harrison Vintage Garden Wines

Talk to us about some challenges and lessons that you have learned along the way.

As a teenage mother, I was really challenged by the stigma of failure. My family made me feel that I couldn’t reach or accomplish my future goals because I had gotten pregnant. It was made known I was a disappointment and many stopped rooting for my success because to them I had dropped the ball. However, for me, I now had a life that I had to be an example for and I knew no matter what the cost I could not fail him nor could I fail myself. I finished school a year early, I worked and took care of my son often times having him sit in night classes with me so I could graduate early which I did. I then decided to go into law enforcement as that was always my passion and I remained in that area until I got married at the age of 22.

After I married, I became a stay-at-home wife and mother as we now had 3 boys at home so I let my career go stagnant honestly losing myself in what I desired, as a perfect marriage and home life. That lasted for about 13 years until one day I decided I had to find Paris again. I needed to figure out what made me happy because I wasn’t happy, I was miserable and sad and depression was consuming me. One day God said, you are to serve and it blew my mind. I talked to my husband and he absolutely was against it. I then began to put all my time into studying the word, secretly taking ministry classes and once I graduated I asked God what was I to do, He said, I never authorized you to marry him in the first place so with that revelation my husband and I filed for divorce. The moment I divorced was the day Paris was rebirthed. This taught me that in life we have to be obedient and follow God’s instructions because had I not, I would not be the Pastor I am today with followers worldwide who look to my transparency, my wisdom, and guidance. I would not have become the holistic practitioner I am today having now helped hundreds of thousands of people internationally with my products, I would not have been able to overcome depression, anxiety and sadness as it was obedience that restored me and gave me LIFE!!! The challenge was losing myself, the lesson was to endure with a purpose and seek God who could bring me out and He did.

I think a challenge even greater than that was losing my son, having to agree with God that it was ok to take him, and accepting the assignment of caring for him until God was ready. That was major for me!!! I think about the process of having a baby and going through trimesters and all that is required before a baby’s birth, God allowed me to experience that and gave me great joy in its reward. He then really tested my stewardship, my dedication to Him, and my level of obedience and said now, you have to grow through the trimesters of returning him to me. Just like I had to be patient and formulate that baby within me, I had to be patient and position him to be rebirthed into eternity. God gave me strength to push him into this world and gave me even greater strength to push him into everlasting life. It taught me resilience and honor, it gave me remarkable strength and faith, and it gave me the posture to be positioned for whatever endeavors my Father has for me.

What advice would you give yourself, if you could go back and talk to yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur?

Never be afraid to be who you have been assigned to be, God gave you a description and purpose when He formed you. Do not ever try to make someone else happy if it means your unhappiness and whatever you set your mind to do that has been authorized by God you better move on it because it is what will be the continuing chapters of what tells your life story. My life story has twists and turns, bumps and bruises, it has highs and lows and for every level, I have had to endure I WOULDN’T CHANGE IT because it has made me who I am today. I am a virtuous woman, strong and proud. Never afraid to face life, always eager to pursue my better in order to be at my best.

What are some things that we can expect to see in the future? What are some of your dreams that have yet to come to pass?

I have no idea what my next path will be, whatever I become interested in that’s what I go for. I don’t believe in boxing myself to one area, life is too short yet so full of so much to experience and explore so I welcome it. My goals are to continue to grow in my business, and my companies and teach my children about generational wealth and happiness. I hope to one day, someday meet the man God has authorized for me as I feel there is something more for me but it’s in an aspect of teamwork, companionship, and elevation. So I patiently wait! I always say, don’t blink too long on me, YOU BETTER WATCH!!! §

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