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Stock Up: A Basic List of Things Needed

Some Basic Things to Stock Up On

This is the original list that I shared last year. Some BASIC things to stock up on👇(expanded list) Water💧 Canned fruits and vegetables‼️‼️ Canned beans Flour Sugar Seasonings (pepper, salt, garlic powder etc) Canned soup low sodium Crackers Juice mix Powdered milk Powdered eggs Granola bars Frozen foods Frozen fruit and veggies Frozen juice Rice🍚 Dry beans🍛 Dry oatmeal Grits Pancake mix Batteries🔋 Flashlights🔦 Blankets Toiletries Toilet paper Oral hygiene products Feminine hygiene products Hair care products Diapers/wipes/formula Bandaid/first aid etc OTC (tylenol, aspirin etc) Duct tape, electric tape, twine Candles and matches Portable chargers Socks Personal medications Security/ personal protection of your choice Seeds and soil Extension cord Usb split Hand soap and sanitizer Trash bags Dish soap Cleaning supplies Trash bags Laundry Detergent generator Deep freezer

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