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R&B singer-actor Tyrese pleads for prayers for Gospel artist Kim Burrell

In a recent social media post by the Grammy-nominated R&B singer-actor Tyrese, the singer expressed his deep concern about Gospel artist, Kim Burrell having pneumonia in both of her lungs. He went on to deeply express he was concerned about her medical expenses and petitioned everyone to stop and pray for Pastor Kim Burrell, as she has had to cancel several shows due to her illness.

Tyrese also made it clear of their relationship as he referred to her as 'mother' and 'stepmother' on the post. Well, Kim Burrell has since broke her silence and not happy at all with how Tyrese spilled the tea about her personal and private business. She affirms all is well after Tyrese revealed her pneumonia diagnosis.

We hope she really is well and although Tyrese's post about her was ruled as nothing more than a rant, I believe he was sincere in his feelings about the Gospel singer, he considers a mom. We wish Kim Burrell a speedy recovery so she can get back in front of her fans as soon as possible!

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