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Kishi Johnson: Rock Your Crown

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

She gives her all in song and touches the souls of all who hears her voice. She realized her passion to sing at the age of four. At the age of six while mimicking her aunt in front of the mirror she sang her first solo. Kishi Johnson grew up in St. John Missionary Baptist Church, in Waukegan, IL. In this church she was raised among a family of gifted psalmists, the Johnson Family singers. She was destined to sing for the glory of God. Kishi has been blessed to minister with the likes of Ricky Dillard and New G., recording “Holy Spirit,” Glenn Johnson and the Voices of Innerpeace and Reggie Royal and Judah. She also performed in the Musical Sister Act as the lead role of Dolores/Sister Mary Clarence.

Life in the Overflow Mag: For those who may not know you, tell us who you are?

Kishi Johnson: Not much to me at all. I am Mother of two beautiful children. Lover of God and people.

Life in the Overflow Mag: You were born into a family of ministry and song, but the gift that God has given you is all your own. How was it taking on a lead role in Sister Act stage play? Tell us about that experience mixing the acting with the singing.

Kishi Johnson: Sister Act was a dream come true. I have always wanted to act, and I have had some small parts in plays before but never a lead role. I never thought that I would be cast in this role. The character of Dolores/Mary Clarence was very demanding. I had to learn a lot of songs and dance as well. With me being a plus size Queen (LOL) I thought they would take one look at my outer appearance and not even see my talent. Boy was I wrong. It was very challenging to remember everything. However, I was up for it. Opening night 5 mins before Curtin time I had a full panic attack. My cast was amazing! They encouraged me and helped me through it. When the curtain opened, I became my character. The experience was amazing. I had the time of my life. And although it was a community theater production, I felt like I was on Broadway. I am looking forward to more acting opportunities.

"Rock Your Crown was birthed out of pain. I had gotten to a point in my life where I did not feel worthy. Being divorced, a single mom of two children and not where I wanted to be in life." - Kishi Johnson

Life in the Overflow Mag: What is Rock Your Crown and the vision that God has given you for it?

Kishi Johnson: Rock Your Crown was birthed out of pain. I had gotten to a point in my life where I did not feel worthy. Being divorced, a single mom of two children and not where I wanted to be in life. I felt as if I failed myself, my parents my children and most of all God. I accepted things in my life just to feel loved, and worthy. However, those things left me even more defeated than before. I was having a conversation with a young lady my son went to college with. I was encouraging her that she was beautiful and worthy of love and respect because she was a daughter of the King. The entire time I was ministering to her I was ministering to myself. I decided that I needed to create a platform for women to come together and support each other through life issues. I was instructed by God to create a safe space for women to be honest about there struggles. I believe the church sometimes avoids certain subjects. However, if the church is the hospital for the sick, one should be able to come with whatever is affecting them and receive treatment. I allowed my crown to slip a few times, but I had to reminder myself that I am worthy of my crown. And this is the message that God placed on my heart to encourage other women. So what your divorced or had a baby out of wedlock you are still worthy of you crown. ROCK IT!!!

Life in the Overflow Mag: Are you working on new music? What other things can we expect from your ministry in the future?

Kishi Johnson: Yes!! I am working on new music and also preparing for another musical. I also just enrolled in grad school to receive my master’s in marriage and family counseling.

Favorite Song to Sing:

More than anything

Favorite Scripture/Verse:

Psalms 91

Favorite Gospel Artist:

Too many to name so here are a few: Tamela Mann, Fantasia, Le’ Andria Johnson, Karen Clark-Sheard


Instagram: kajohnson25

Facebook: Kishi Johnson

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