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Jewel Tankard: Reality show mom shares her family and her faith

Updated: Jul 31

Bravo TV's reality star, Jewel Tankard; wife of former NBA basketball player and Jazz Recording Artist, and Pastor, Ben Tankard gets in the flow and chats with Life in the Overflow's Publisher about her life as a mother and a business woman. Check out our interview with the MillionHeiress herself and learn how she balances it all successfully.

LITOMAG: Hi Jewel how are you?

Jewel Tankard: I'm great how are you

LITOMAG: I’m great, thank you so much for joining us for Life in the Overflow and gracing our publication. How is Ben and the family?

Jewel Tankard: They are doing so good; everybody is fullfledged, knee deep in their purpose.

It’s just a heavy season of work for us, we love it. Thank God for his Grace. It makes it fun.

We laugh about everything, we crack on each other. It’s been a lot of fun being married to him for sure.

LITOMAG: For those who don’t know who you are, tell us about you a little bit about the show and background about yourself.

Jewel Tankard: Thicker Than Water is about how Ben and I have been able to successfully able to blend the family together. It definitely hasn’t been without challenge. But I think it’s a beautiful story about an American family; Ben has his 3 or 4 kids and my 1. We decided there was not going to be any step mama or step dad. We weren’t going to have any step children. The kids were young they were 8, 10, 11 and Marcus was like 13, so I think because they were so young, they were real sweet, they loved me right off. I was a blessing of course and Cyrene was just glad to have sibling and a dad, so you know that was good. It was a blessing, but you know when you actually get married and try to blend the family together, that’s’ where the conflict came in; with us wanting to raising them one way and their biological moms wanted to raise them another way. So that’s where a lot of those challenges came in at. And we show that on the show. And we’re also really strong entrepreneurs and we love God. So all of those core values of God, faith, family and finances, we want children to be extremely successful; you know emotionally socially mentally and financially. We don’t want to hold them up, when it comes to talking about that - I’m like ‘baby the prayer meeting is over, you need to get it in’. You know whatever they want they can have. The show is about the blend of the family and how we are entrepreneurs and pushing our children to stick with those core values.

LITOMAG: Speaking of entrepreneurship, you yourself you are not just a wife, mother, a reality tv personality, you also have your own television show and you are a network marketer. I’m reading all of that and I’m wondering how does she do it? How do you do it Jewel, how do you balance?

Jewel Tankard: Girl, it has definitely been it’s a set. I continue to challenge myself to grow. I love ad-venture, I love new projects. I hate complacency and hate mediocrity; every single minute of my day is accounted for. My husband and I work so closely and he has a beast mode work ethic and so do I. I was up at 1 am trading the markets and didn’t go to bed until 2, and we were up this morning at 7:30 having our prayer time and since then I was off to the races for a meeting and press. I think that we’re not sluggish at all we have a lot that we want to accomplish in ministry and in business. I think that when you make up in your mind that every minute is accounting for, We’re eating right, Ben is working out I’m still working on that part, honey So we have good energy to do everything that God has called us to do. It’s a lot of fun, I love what I’m doing, and I’m changing women’s lives and helping them become financially educated, with the MillionHeiress Club. It’s a lot of fun.

LITOMAG: Let’s talk about that you are a multimillionHeiress they dubbed you as; What is Ardyss? Can you tell us about that how you got started with that?

Jewel Tankard: I’ve always realized I was good at sales. I got my first job at 19 and I was fooling around with different network marketing companies, and nothing was really working; and so I came across Arydss International and made over a couple million dollars in a short amount of time with over 100,000 people in 10 different countries. That’s when I realized, ‘Ok you’re really good at this whole thing’, and so suddenly I’m helping a lot of people make a lot of money, but I also saw a lot ofpeople lose a lot of money. It really developed my passion to want to educate women in particular on developing a longterm wealth strategy. It’s not just about how much money you make, but it’s about what do you do with it, and where are you with your financial portfolio. So doing that, I started the MillionHeiress Club, so now I help women develop a taxfree retirement, and I help them learn how to trade on, we talk about real estate deals they can get involved in, I help them to buy oil wells. It’s really a well rounded university, MillionHeiress University. I want women to feel relaxed; you don’t have to know anything and they can join and get involved for as little as $30/mo on We have webinars where they can literally see me and I talk about everything in every single area of money and we do some things for entrepreneurs as well, but in particular to make sure that the financial ties together.

The Basic package is $30/mo; we have 4 different packages. They’ll have access to my mentorship. You know I don’t basically tell them about my wins, I tell them about my losses. You know the reality is, you know, you’re gonna have losses. Some kind of way you’re going to have a loss. I talk to them about my team building and about my issues; we do personality tests. Not just a personality test for you, but for your team and those around you. It’s all about personal growth and it’s about finding about where you’re strong and where you’re weak How to assert your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

LITOMAG: Tell us about the Jewel Tankard show on the Impact Network in its 2nd season. What made you want to do your own television show?

Jewel Tankard: I like to talk! You can’t figure that out honey? I am a master communicator I love to talk; I love to hear about their stories; their tragedies and how they overcame them. And so the Impact Network reached out to me and asked me if I would love to have my own show, and I was like are you kidding me!? I would love to. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve had the opportunity to interview some great people like David and Tamela Mann, Tamika Raymond, Usher’s ex wife, Heavenly from Married to medicine, Evelyn Braxton and we talk about real life stories. And it’s really good and amazing journey, and 2nd season was off to the races and the responses have been great, everybody loves it. I’m just having a great time. And last year Impact was in 34 million homes last year, and this year they’re in 60 million, so the response has been amazing.

LITOMAG: Tell us about your new pillow line. How did that come about?

Jewel Tankard: It’s still in the infancy stages. I literally just got my first product line here at the house. You know for me, I’ve always been about affirmation. I love dealing with affirmations, so I said I want to make pillows with affirmations on there. You know, “I’m Smart, God loves me. You know some people are having family issues, so what if they look at a pillow everyday that says, Godloves me and my Family Does Love Me. And another pillow that says, “I Love My Family” and another pillow that says, “I am Rich”. So that’s where the whole thing came from and so I got a pajama line with the slippers. You know, I want them to dream at home and I want them to be comfortable. The whole pajama line and pillow line, everything has affirmations on it.

LITOMAG: What can we expect in the new season of the show?

Jewel Tankard: Fun laughter and real life drama and conflict and any given time, we were each other’s nerves. You’re going to see Cyrene in college and that whole attitude; and issues with Marcus and Benji. So it’s going to be good.

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