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Jekalyn Carr brings back "You Will Win!" Conference


Jekalyn Carr, is bringing back her highly successful, "You Will Win!" conference on June 23 and 24, 2023, at the Georgia International Convention Center. The revamped “You Will Win!” conference will help activate the faith of the believers. You Will Win! will focus on helping people operate in life as conscientious entrepreneurs and serves as a tool to empower people to break molds, shatter social & economic barriers, and to win in every aspect of their lives. “You Will Win!” will push you to win in all areas of your life!

During this two day conference, there will be great singing and powerful messages from leaders that has use their faith walk in victory. Carr will equip attendees with lessons from all sectors of the industry with knowledgable experts, instructors, entrepreneurs, influencers, label executives, film, health, music, business owners, and more, who are leaders of their industry. The family- friendly conference will feature live music and panels like “Winning in the Marketplace,” “Winning in Entrepreneurship,” “Winning in Faith,” “Winning in the Family,” and “Winning in Health.” All are invited to take part in this life changing weekend, which is guided by prayer. “You Will Win!” conference is intended to help you succeed in life, business, ministry, music, or the marketplace.

The “You Will Win!” conference will also feature the Honorary Winner’s Circle Gala where Carr will present awards to several individuals in honor of their contributions to the communities they serve. These honorees have made indelible contributions to the global communities of music, ministry, and marketplace.

If you’d like the opportunity to help salute and get on the winning side, then register today.

Who: Multiple award winning singer/songwriter, Jekalyn Carr What: “YOU WILL WIN!” Conference

When: June 23 & 24, 2023

Where: Georgia International Convention Center

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