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Interview with Kendal Richardson: A Call to Unity

Updated: Jul 26, 2021


LITOMAG: Last year you received a mandate for unity of God’s people through A Call to Prayer. Tell us about that.

KENDAL RICHARDSON: God has not been to happy with HIS Children. Sin, the lack of love and respect for HIM and each other and the non-humbleness of heart has caused HIM to become angry and as result, the body of Christ is out of order and so is the world. What really has him upset is the lack of faith and disobedience to HIS Word. So God has put 2 Chronicles 7:13-15 on my heart to stand on the foundation to the Call, the Clarion call of repentance.

A Call to Prayer meeting was aimed at healing, repentance, and the unity of humanity by encouraging people to show love towards one another and more importantly for God to show Himself strong to this generation; what are you hoping that God does in this generation in the midst of diseases of pandemic proportion and racial tension; what is your prayer?

I am hoping people will be saved and come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, that they will see the raw power of the Holy Spirit and that they experience the same miracle working God that has touched my life. My prayer is that every human being would find out who they are in God, fulfill their destiny and call on their life and that they miss nothing God has planned for their lives.

LITOMAG: In your book “Turning Pain into Praise” you shared your life story about being adopted, abused, and having your innocence stolen at an early age; without giving too much of the book away – how did you deal with what you had experienced?

KENDAL RICHARDSON: I am in a much better place in life because I had an encounter with God on September 9, 2002, the night before my 24th birthday. I was approached by two men, I never met before, who told me things about my life, that only God could have told them. At that point, I knew God was real and He wasn’t just my mothers Jesus she taught me about or what the preacher had been preaching while attending service. That day the word became real to me. I didn’t know who I was because I was born day one rejected. Because of molestation and rape and exposure to pornography at a young age, ventured in to homosexuality, molestation both as abused and as a abuser, porn, prostitution and contracting HIV/AIDS. That was my identity without Christ.

When I repented and asked for forgiveness God changed my story, changed my direction, changed my heart and mind towards him. I became a Minister, CEO, Radio Show Host, Award Winning Author, Humanitarian, Songwriter, and Screenwriter.

LITOMAG: What words of encouragement would you share with someone that is or has gone through something similar to your story?

Without Faith its impossible to Please God but those coming to God must believe that HE IS and He is a rewarder to those who diligently seek HIM. So my encouragement would be to seek God for yourself, find out who HE IS and then you will know who you really are in the seeking. You haven’t really lived until you receive life from the giver of Life. Keep The Faith. God is able to deliver you out of anything, but YOU must be willing to let him change you.

LITOMAG: are some things that we can look for from you and The Voice of the People Ministries?

KENDAL RICHARDSON: God is a mystery, I don’t know all what HE has for me to do until HE reveals it to me. As I mature as a believer, I just want to do things that He lays on my heart. I have a mandate for repentance. I will be writing more books and making a series of movies to address those issues I speak about in my books Unconditional Love and Turning Pain Into Praise. One of my aspirations is to become the Mayor of Dallas in 2023. I will go wherever HE sends me and say whatever HE wants me to say to whomever He wants me to say HIS Words to, my life is dedicated to serving God.


On June 30, 2021 Kendal Richardson was awarded Inferno Music 2021 Humanitarian Award for his18 years of work in HIV/AIDS at the Inferno Awards.


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