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Finding Your Tribe

Many people complain about the lack of support in their business, ministry or events. I see countless social media rants about who isn’t supporting a vision or who won’t sow a seed into another person’s cause.

Let me just say this, it is okay today. It is okay that a few don’t support you, because there are so many others that will. Maybe you should change your approach and only pitch your dreams and visions to those who get you and understand your journey in business or ministry. Everyone will not be your backbone, shoulder, or support; just like everyone is not your friend. You have to be diligent in finding your tribe.

You will know your tribe because they will speak your language and you will speak theirs. They will get the reason for your event and may even attend because you have a product, service, or something that speaks to the core of that person. You possess something that they can use to further themselves in business or ministry. These are your tribe members. These are the people that you should be connecting to. Look for your team and be diligent in doing so. Even if they are just cheerleaders in your endeavors.

Never complain about the lack of support again. Round up your tribe, know them, connect and communicate with them and continue to be brilliant.

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