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Cover Feature with Phaedra T. Anderson: Purpose, Purity, and Preservation of Life

Phaedra T. Anderson is a native of the urban streets of Philadelphia. She considers herself a social introvert, but closely knit to her family who she loves to create memories with.

She is an author, poet and prior to writing her first book, she has worked as a freelance writer/columnist for numerous publications. As an author she was named one to the Top 27 Authors to Watch in 2019 by Today's Purpose Woman.

With a heart for reaching and teaching our youth, girls and women, this phenomenal woman, first came onto our radar via social media with her book, Phaithbook: A Girlfriend Devotional and her Annual Phancy Tea Party.

If you're 'phamiliar', with anything about the Phaedra T. Anderson brand then you know that as a part of her brand, anything with an "f" is replaced by "ph".

In her purpose, she is passionate about teaching the younger generation of women valuable lessons about Godly living, purity, and womanhood. She expresses the Godly importance of purity and Pro-life.

She is a strong believer in purity and abstinence before marriage. She believes that sex should only be had within the confines of marriage, and that it is important to wait until you know someone well enough to make sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them. She also believes that once you marry, sexual relationship should only be between husband and wife.

She stands firm on her pro-life beliefs. She believes that life begins at conception and that no matter what circumstances a child comes into existence in, they still deserve to live.

These efforts have gained her recognition and support from other women across the country, including our Editor-in-Chief who became an honorary 'FB Auntie' through one of Phaedra's recent initiatives to help young, single mothers.

Learn more about the Phaedra T. Anderson brand in her Spring 2023 interview with Life in the Overflow Magazine's digital issue


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