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Blacks in America: Cancel Culture

Our voices are not hate speech

In recent months, the truths that some of our voices hold have been censored, threatened, accused and pushed by the media as hate speech and some have been canceled in their businesses, endorsements, and their life. We saw a glimpse of this when Nick Cannon was almost canceled two years ago for proclaiming to be a true black Jew. What is really the issue? I mean, there were black Jews aka Judah from the land of Israel in history - and not just in Biblical history, but in real life. So what if a black man in America today proclaims to be a descendent of Israel? What is the real issue? Why threaten to take away his wages and his livelihood and make him apologize to the world for it? Why humiliate him and call him anti-Semitic and accuse him of hate speech because he proclaims to be a black Jew, a descendant of Israel?

Ye (Kanye) recently said the same thing and we watched similar events happen to him. Now we have Kyrie Irving, who recently shared a link to an Amazon documentary "Hebrews to Negroes" by Ron Dalton Jr. and we witnessed his world changed overnight. Suspensions, perpetual fines and requests for public apologies - yet again.

I admonish you to watch the film and I pray to the Most High God, YHWH that you watch with understanding and get the answer to these questions.

Black people in America, it is imperative that you ask yourself the questions - why? Why am I being blocked for knowing who I am? Why does me knowing who I am threaten others? The Most High has given us the answers.

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