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Black Lives Matter to Some, Not All

Updated: Jul 31

The movement known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been getting some flack in the recent events that have taken place in our nation. Protests to end police brutality have resulted in killings, looting, vandalism, and more. There are white people and black people alike, that are against the movement regardless of what lives were lost as a result of contact with those that are to protect and serve. Both sides feel as though blacks don’t care about each other, thus making BLM is a false movement. We can all agree that the movement should first start at home in the inner-cities where black people live. We do have those great movements such as Cease Fire and Don't Shoot that carried the mantra for crimes among our people in our communities. But is that enough? Where are those chapters now?

With the numbers of so-called Black on Black crime increasing daily in cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Memphis, to name a few - many believe that black lives only matter to some black people. Well, there is no argument there. It’s true. Truth is, every black person does not believe in the Black Lives Matter movement. We must remember that. There will be some who do not care about their brothers or sisters for whatever reason and commit crimes of opportunity. Truth is, there are crimes of proximity and opportunity that happen in our neighborhoods; easy licks, gang and drug wars. We just happen to all live around ‘us’. Black on black crime is not a phrase coined by us. Why isn’t there a white-on-white crime? We must remember that whatever race commits a crime, it is simply that – a crime. To say, ‘well they are killing us because we kill us’ is a lie. We kill us because people kill - period. No matter what nationality. Yes, we have to get better as a nation of people after thousands of years of oppression and menticide, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to continue to kill us and it doesn’t diminish the fact that Black Lives Matter.

Learn why ghettos were created to oppress, suppress, and depress us mentally. Learn why our brothers cannot get jobs and by nature it becomes a ‘get it how you live’ mentality. Learn how a system was put in place to deliver guns and drugs unto our communities and not theirs, learn how education and schools in our communities are underfunded and understaffed to cripple our youth.

African-American people continue to suffer police brutality and other racially motivated crimes by the hands of those that are to protect and serve, but not all black people agree with the movement. There will be some that will try to twist and distort the movement and filter it with a black on black statement.

We must remember what the BLM movement is about. Do your research and uncover how Marxism plays a vital role in Black Lives Matter (BLM), which is said to be a decentralized movement in the United States advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against African-American people. Stay focused on what the movement is about. Look for other organizations that support atrocities that happen in our inner-cities or start one yourself, but most of all stay safe!

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