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"Black" Album on Racial Divide in Gospel Music

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Memphis, Tennessee Hip Hop Artist, Author, Pastor and Music Mogul Del Lawrence, aka “Mr. Del” has established himself as the ‘Hope Dealer’ and an innovator in the Christian/Gospel Rap genre. He is the pastor of the thriving City of Refuge Church in Memphis and as an artist has garnered Dove, Grammy and Stellar Award nominations. He started his own label, Dedicated Music Group (DMG), that develops new talent and pushes out multiple hard-hitting albums each year. DMG has released albums, singles and videos over the past 10 years from Mr. Del himself, Mali Music, Murk, D. McGhee, Fro, and has orchestrated dynamic collaborations with Canton Jones, Pettidee, Uncle Reece, Kirk Whalum, Salt (of Salt-N-Pepa), Gangsta Boo, Hee-Sun Lee, Gospel Gangstaz and more.

Mr. Del is now releasing his 10th career album called BLACK. The album theme underscores the continued racial division in music, specifically in Gospel and Contemporary Christian genres.

“Black has a dual meaning,” Mr. Del explains. “It represents the dark side of the gospel and the dark side of being Black in America.” He continues, “I feel that as a Kingdom Hip Hop artist it is my responsibility to uncover both of these dynamics especially since there is segregation even in our Christian music industry. Christian or Contemporary Christian is viewed as ‘white music’ and Gospel is viewed as ‘black music’. Shouldn’t we all be ONE?”

Mr. Del’s BLACK album spurs thought on racial divides not only in music, but addresses its impact on individuals of various nationalities and races globally. However, Mr. Del’s album isn’t just another album filled with lyrics highlighting societal challenges, the album also promotes peace, unity and love and self awareness through inspiring lyrics and biblical doctrine.

“Pray It Up”, featuring FRO and Murk, encourages listeners to turn to prayer first in all things and “Can You Forgive?” is Mr. Del’s personal testimony of walking in forgiveness after abusive situations and personal attacks. Mr. Del takes time to honor, uplift and encourage African-American women on “Black, Bold & Beautiful” and is joined by long-time friend Canton Jones and Uncle Reece on “On God”.

To commemorate his musical milestone, Mr. Del invites the public to celebrate with him on January 5 at THE BLACK EXPERIENCE album release event. The Black Experience will be held at 7PM at Hattiloo Theatre, 37 Cooper Street, Memphis, TN 38104. The Black Experience event stars Mr. Del and features special guests Murk, D.McGhee, Fro and Stephen Brown.

In addition to his acclaimed albums and impressive music career span, Mr. Del is also the author of a book series called SOUL TIES which includes: Soul Ties: How To Detox From Toxic Relationships and Soul Ties 2: Love, Lust, & Lies. His candid, soul searching series and Soul Ties Seminars have been revolutionizing relationships and changing lives all over the country.

“I am excited to have launched the Soul Ties Enterprise which includes, radio, television, and podcast,” he transparently shares. “During my childhood, I suffered mental, emotional, and physical abuse at the hands of my parents. Those toxic experiences negatively shaped my perception of myself and others. This started a cycle of dysfunctional relationships that continued into my adulthood. It wasn’t until I got saved and developed a relationship with God that I was able to detox from those toxic soul ties and become a better man. My own trials and triumphs sparked a burning passion within me to help others experience the transformation I have and become whole, healthier, happier people.”

The Soul Ties Podcast features Mr. Del and co-host Ms. Murk P31. His weekly podcast also includes The Mancast Podcast with his co-host T-Mo w/the Dance Moves. Mr. Del’s Mancast Podcast also addresses relationship topics and was created By Men, For Men and The Women That Love Them. #Courtesy of The Bellamy Group

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