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Author Spotlight: Kevin Davis, Be Healed

Updated: Aug 1


With the availability of modern medicine and the vast knowledge we have of the human body and science many men, including Christians have come to the conclusion that God has no reason to supernaturally heal mankind. It is true that we have created cures and vaccinations for various diseases and we have made great advancements since the days of the Bible.

However, even with our advancements people are suffering every day from all manner of sickness and disease. Pastor Kevin Davis embarked on a yearlong journey of studying scriptures concerning healing in the Bible. In his studies, Pastor Kevin searched for answers to common questions like: Does God still heal people today? If so, why does He do it? Do we have a part to play in supernatural healing? Are there barriers to my healing that I need to overcome?

Please enjoy this excerpt from “Be Healed” the book written by Pastor Kevin as a result of his studies:

In the 23 Psalms, David describes the Lord as “his Shepherd”. In this beautiful writing I became fascinated with this particular section: Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. The rod is twofold, the shepherd would use his rod to fight off predators but he would also use that same rod to correct the sheep that would go astray. The staff, however, was his stick designated for gathering. It had a hook on one end and he would use it to nudge, push and pull the sheep in the proper direction. The rod is the authority of God’s Word. By the Word of God demons are rebuked and children are corrected. But the Shepherd’s staff is the Healing virtue and the manifestation of spiritual gifts. As God pours out His love on us, through healing, He is drawing us towards Himself. In Jeremiah 31:3 God says “With loving kindness have I drawn thee.”  He is drawing us to the safe places and to the places of quiet provision. When we are healed and acknowledge the Father for it, our hearts become bound to Him, and we truly become sheep that hear and recognize His voice and the voice of the stranger we will not follow. The same reasons Jesus healed back then are the exact same reasons Jesus desires to heal us today. Jesus still desires to draw those who are lost to Himself. He wants people to hear the message of the Kingdom, acknowledge its validity then turn from their sin and eternal separation from Him. But with so many voices in the land, with so many teachings, and with so many philosophies, a man that cannot discern the Spirit of God needs visible evidence to identify truth.  

And in fact, the power of God manifested through healing, signs, wonders and miracles serves as that evidence. Many do not believe that God heals His people supernaturally any more, but God is just as compassionate now as He was then. He still identifies with our burdens, and He still wants to intervene for us. He intervenes because He wants us to know that He loves us, and when we know that He loves us we will love Him back.

If you would like to read the rest of this book, you can purchase a copy of “Be Healed” at the CreateSpace eStore:

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