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Author Spotlight: Corinthus Alston, The Gift of Grace

Updated: Jul 31

Life in the Overflow Magazine got the opportunity to talk with Christian author, Corinthus Altson about his new book, The Gift of Grace. The Gift of Grace is the first book that is part of a 3 book series.

LITO Mag: Tell us about your writing journey and how you got started?

Corinthus Alston: Actually I started writing by accident. I am a minister, so I pulled out an old sermon that I did a couple of years ago and I said there is actually a book in this. I just started writing and it just began to flow.

LITO Mag: What inspires you to write?

Corinthus Alston: I call it my evangelism. People just want to talk to you. They want God’s word, but they want it to be relatable to where they are in their life. Men can be evangelists too. You don’t have to preach fire and brimstone, you can evangelize them.

LITO Mag: What is the book about? What do you hope the reader experiences through the book’s message?

Corinthus Alston: I want them to leave with knowing that with God’s, grace can’t earn it, you can’t buy it, it’s a gift. We can’t earn God’s grace, it was a gift. You have a choice to accept it or not. God gives us free will. Also, 3 key points; God accepts you as who you are, He doesn’t want you to stay that way, and He wants you to give grace unto others as he gives grace unto you.

Connect with Author Corinthus Alston on social media FACEBOOK @corinthusalstonauthor

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