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AMBER DEAS: More Than Meets The Eye

Updated: Jul 30

Amber Deas is a true renaissance woman. She is a beautiful, multi-talented businesswoman, mother, rapper (she has bars) and author who is a source of inspiration to many. The St. Petersburg, Florida native has been a creative since her youth. Her biggest supporter cultivated her passion for photography; her father Mark Deas, who gifted her cameras for her birthdays. She says, “He provided wisdom, encouragement, advice and instilled within me a strong work ethic”. What started as a hobby has turned into a successful business yielding high praise from satisfied clients.

Amber started A1Lenz Productions in 2014. She started photographing artist showcases and events while networking to other opportunities. She spent years honing her craft while learning how to effectively brand and market her business. The time was well spent, as she has not only received high praise for her photography, but also for her production and editing of music videos, movies and documentaries as well.

Not resting on her laurels of her powerhouse production company, she released two books to glowing reviews. Her first book, entitled Who Do You Think You Are?, inspires and motivates people to do the work to become the best version of themselves. Her next book, entitled 51 Social Media Marketing Methods to Boost Business, offers practical advice for business owners to grow their brand. She says, ‘I’m working on more books geared towards businesses because that’s my market.”

Amber is a creative soul who loves to collaborate. Her motto is, “collaboration over competition”. She is open to working with different people because she understands that we learn and grown in community and believes in diversity of ideas. She wants to change the narrative that Black people have to follow a stereotypical trajectory for their career path. She states,” I want my legacy to be how I helped children, women and people of color to become a creative person themselves.”

Ever the consummate professional, Amber is always ready and willing to encourage new entrepreneurs. She offers the following sage advice: I know it may sound cliché, but don’t give up. Be consistent. Keep going. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Stick to your creative knowledge and focus on your business.”

A1LenzProductions is diligently working on a number of new projects, including a documentary called The Rise of St. Pete. This self-inspired project will highlight how the music started in St. Pete and go through to the present time to show the rise of the industry. This is not only important for the city, but also for the culture to document the history.

Amber is a rising star who consistently creates innovative ideas for her business. She is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to her clients and does all of this by staying true to herself. Her kindness and professionalism shine through and is the reason she stays booked and busy. §


Learn more about Amber Deas and A1Lenz Productions:



Twitter @a1lenzprod

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