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6 Ways to Cure Work from Home Blues

6 Ways to cure Work from Home Blues

1 – Get out of the house!

Take a break from your work flow and get out of the house. Take a walk, a drive, or a bike ride. One of the luxuries of working from home is not having to be tied to a desk and computer for 8 hours with only a break and a lunch throughout an 8 hour day. You can take time away from your work as many times as you desire.

2 – Change work locations

If you can, create a mobile office at least once a week. Give yourself a new creative space and atmosphere to get work done. If your business allows – meet clients at the library, a local coffee house, or even in a park.

3 – Spend time away from home

After a long work week, many people usually anticipate spending time at home with family or friends. For the person that works at home, you may need to get away from the house. Balancing your life is important. You can’t spend your work week at home and then spend the entire weekend indoors without going out week after week. This can lead to depression and you ultimately getting burned out with what was once a love and passion for you.

4 – Deactivate

You may have to disengage from people. It is okay and don’t let anyone tell you that it is not. It is quite healthy to de-tech yourself and unplug from all devices that keep you connected and accessible to people. Create a space for you to have some downtime (up to 24 hours) where the focus is on no one but you and your family. You may have to disconnect from social media, cell phones and other things that pull you back in to work and other things that will have your mind back in a ‘work mode’ instead of relax mode.

5 – Maintain Balance

It is important to maintain a life of balance. Attend church, have prayer, meditate about good things. If your work is of spiritual nature, keep a natural balance. Go out and enjoy life and do things like go to the movies, attend a play or concert, see a live band at a lounge, enjoy your friends and peers. Also if you have young children at home while you're working from home, hire a nanny or put the child in daycare during your scheduled work hours.

6 – Travel

Travel often and get away from your norm at least once a year if you can. A short road trip or booking a nice vacation is great options, but it doesn’t have to be a lengthy extended trip. Plan a weekend get away to the city for a retreat. Rent a hotel and enjoy the attractions of the city. If you are a city slicker, then you may want to retreat to the country or maybe even out of the country.

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