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5 Reasons You Should Journal

Updated: Aug 2

During the Ultimate Success Tour in Chicago 2016 with Dr. Stacia Pierce, she spoke about Intentional Success and how one must set intentions. Paying attention to the signs that God is not trying to hide direction or clarity from you about anything in your life. That was life changing. Oftentimes we feel that everything is a mystery. We feel that our dreams are just that - dreams, Unattainable and only contained to our night visions. Truth is, God is waiting to reveal the next level to us. He is just waiting on us to write the vision, make it plain and step out on faith to reach what he already has for us if we walk by faith, intentionally.

Dr. Stacia spoke about how journalism has changed her life. Do you journal? If you do not already journal, I suggest you start. Your journal doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. A basic notebook will do for beginners.You must set an intentional journalism habit. There was a time that I journaled nothing but my pain. I had stacks of journals that was a chronological blow by blow of my woes. As Dr. Stacia also teaches, when used as a life changing formula, what you write can become your life. Habbukuk spoke about it in chapter 2 of his book in the Bible.

Here are 5 key points shared by Dr. Stacia during the Ultimate Women's Success Tour in Chicago about why you should start to writing intentionally by faith.

1. Provides Balance

Going back to read what you have written can give you balance and provide you with clarity. With the journal you can compare your thoughts and feelings to what was written and make sound choices about decisions and life changing ideas for your life and business.

2. Major Breakthroughs Happen

It's proven. Your words have the power to create and shape your life and things around you. The great thing about journaling is that it's between you, God and your pages. You can dream as big as you want, in full color - HD if you want to and when they come to pass in the major way that you've written it, you'll understand the power of the WORD.

3. Manifestation

Anything will come in thought first before it takes form. There is power in taking that thought from your head and putting it on paper. There is life that comes from thinking through how to do It, planning and strategizing.

4. Dreams Come True

You will see that it's proven. It may be months or years - but eventually your dreams will come to pass if you write them down and keep them visible.

5. Real and Raw

You may need help. Dr. Stacia mentioned the free help isn't help. If you can get it done for free, then most like the worth isn't there.

Another thing that she mentioned was being true to yourself. It is only then that you can be true to others. No one wants the counterfeit of you anyway. You are the truest representation of yourself.

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