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4 Tips to Create Effective Vision

Updated: Jul 31

Creating an effective vision board is not about cutting pretty pictures out of magazines and pasting them on a board. It takes thought, planning, implementation, and most importantly faith!

I have created vision boards for the past three years, and this year will make the fourth! Almost everything I have ever placed on my vision boards has manifested! This is because I follow a method to create successful vision boards. I have broken my method down into four simple steps!

"Picking 1-2 goals per quarter will keep you on pace to successfully manifest your heart’s desires throughout the year."

#1. Make It Plain

Before you pick up the magazines and the glue, sit down and actually map out what you want your year to look like. Will you start a business? Will you hit a certain financial goal? Will you plan a wedding? Will you upgrade your body? Will you get better?

Whatever that looks like for you, make sure you give it some serious thought. After you know what you want to accomplish for 2023, THEN grab your materials and add images and text to your board that will make your vision come to life!

#2. Create Subcategories

There is nothing worse than a cluttered vision board. It shows that the mind is also cluttered. Your vision board is something that you will be looking at weekly, if not daily and it needs to have a smooth flow.

Your vision board serves as a reminder of all the things that you will accomplish in 2023. You should be able to look at it and CLEARLY see the goals you have outlined.

To help your vision board go from cluttered to clear, group similar goals into categories and place them in designated spots on your vision board! Having a clear picture of what’s to come will give you a sense of peace!

#3. Dream Big and Avoid Overwhelm

God loves to bless His children. He wishes to give you the desires of your heart. Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and dream big. Really go there! Be honest with yourself about what you really want out of life! You have to believe that you can do it for this to work! Don’t limit yourself. Say goodbye to the negative people and thoughts! The only thing that you have ever needed is God, and He is in your corner!

After you know what you want, break that vision down into 5-10 goals that you will complete throughout the year! The point here is not to pick so many goals that you then get very stressed and worried just thinking about doing everything.

Your visions (goals) will be a stretch for you anyway. Don’t add too much to your plate before you are ready!

#4. Stop Hoping and Take Action

Pick 1-2 visions (goals) per quarter and actively pursue them. Make up in your mind that you will be successful. This will also be an area where you will need to depend on God for what you cannot do in your own strength!

Remember you have to have faith and believe that you can do this! Picking 1-2 goals per quarter will keep you on pace to successfully manifest your heart’s desires throughout the year. This will take work! You will have to be relentless and diligent. Proverbs 12:24 says diligent hands shall rule!

Now that you have all the tools that you need, its time to put it into action. Make it plain, be clear, dream big, take action, and HAVE FAITH. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Let me take a moment to explain that God wants nothing but good things for you. If what you want conflicts with God’s word and is morally wicked, there is NO CHANCE that God will help bring those things to pass. If your heart desires things for the wrong reason, God will not bless you until you get your motives and intentions right.

For example, if you want to hit a financial goal of 500k in your business this year just to PROVE something to your friends and family, your heart is not in the right place, and God cannot bless you like that. If He did, you wouldn’t be able to handle it. It would cause more harm to you than good. Using that same example, if you wanted to hit that goal to stir your family up inside and show them that God has better and they can do the same thing, that’s a different motive all together.

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