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Fall 2021 - Living Fearless


Dear Reader,

If you ask anyone that has ever done anything great, they will tell you that it required them to step outside of their comfort zone or overcome some sort of battle within that caused them to fear the unknown. Oftentimes doing is scared as they say is how they got it done. 

In this special issue, closing out 2021 I share interviews with a few women that overcame their fears and made a decision for themselves that made way for their creativity and changed their lives while making a difference for others.


In our cover feature, we chat with Actress, Entrepreneur, and Playwright, Tina Fears as she shares her journey growing up with a family that was determined for fame and stardom and how she ended up landing the role of Gospel singer Clara Ward in the movie series Genius: Aretha.

We also share our interview features with Ms. Cassandra Cummings of The Stocks & Stilettos Society and contributor Kendal Richardson share the stories of Angela Whitman, Ronisha Brown and her son Christian Hinton, who are changing lives through diabetes. Also, be sure to check out contributors Tyrell Starks and Tenisha Bibbs' columns and my write up on Victoria 'Tori' Prince of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC. 

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