2020 began with just as much enthusiasm and optimism as any other new year. America celebrated and life went on as the world normally does, but then the world suffered a great loss, and we have not bounced back yet. January 21, 2020, the CDC confirmed its first Coronavirus case in the United States of America after the announcement of the mysterious virus was unveiled in Wuhan, China on January 9, 2020. 

On January 26th, NBA-star Kobe Bryant lost his life, along with her daughter Gigi and 7 other members of the helicopter that went down in Calabasas, California that Sunday morning. 


Then, a month later February 23. 2020 the black community felt the jolt of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. He was a 25-year old black man that was pursued and fatally gunned down while jogging in a city near Brunswick, Georgia. Then about a week later, March 1, 2020 police, with a no-knock warrant entered the residence of Breonna Taylor, shooting and killing her. With civil injustice and unrest in our communities, protesting, rioting, and looting became a familiar scene across America. 

With the blatant police knee on the neck of George Floyd, 43 of Minneapolis which resulted in his death - black Americans took to the street to cry loud and spare not. As if that was not enough trauma, the world was ordered under quarantine and many people began to slowly see the Coronavirus hit their homes, families, and even themselves. We heard a President say that it was not real amid hearing about people dying from it. My own mother and stepfather would contract the virus yet survive. There was still so many that did not, so many ‘Rest in Peace’ posts on social media; I saw so many funerals posted on social media that were virtual. Many family members were unable to say goodbye or farewell to their loved ones because of this pandemic. Those that could attend were required to wear a mask. My own Aunt Deloris Houston’s funeral was virtual, she passed away from cancer on June 30, 2020. There was also a virtual link to join her homegoing. What is this world that we have come to know?

During these tragedies – world known and personal, we have held on to our everlasting faith and trust in the Almighty God. When the doors of the churches closed, we got close to God. We became innovators and entrepreneurs and tapped into our gifts to get by when jobs were closed. We figured out ways to fellowship through social media and other virtual methods. We are resilient. Even amid loss. 

In June 2020 Rayshawn Brooks was murdered by officers in Atlanta, Georgia in a Burger King parking lot. This was another unarmed black man shot and killed by law enforcement. Just two months later in August police would shoot an unarmed Jacob Blake seven times in his back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This sparked more riots and looting – even murders.

So many people have suffered so much loss this year and have had to find ways to be resilient, keep busy while confined within their homes, and stay mentally sane. I invite you too keep the Word of God close to you and place all your cares at the feet of Yeshua Hamashiach. He is your peace, the Truth, the Way and the Life in times of trouble. I pray that 2021 brings you an abundance of peace and prosperity. Trust and believe that God still has His best intentions at heart for you.