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How many times have we told God, ‘No’? Have you ever told God no, blatantly or indirectly by not following His instructions?

We can enter into a place of disobedience when we do not follow God’s instructions. The Word of God tells us that obedience is better than sacrif...

Everyone wants to know who they "are" and they want to know the purpose for their life. Unfortunately our modern society has many people driven by their careers and money instead of pursuing a purpose driven life. Your purpose in life is usually something that comes na...

When God opens up his good treasure it brings in the overflow. There is a prerequisite to get Him to go into His good treasure for you. It’s not just about your good works or what God knows about your heart. It is clear in the word that if we should hearken (hear) dili...

The world of social media knows her as Ms. Shirleen. A sassy church lady who is very opinionated and has a host of memorable stories and one-liners that will leave you in tears. The woman behind the social media Christian comedienne is Christanee Porter.

Porter beg...

"You never have to buy anything, the fact that you’re connecting and that you are becoming a part of who we are..." - Schericka Gee, S.H.E. Owner/Visionary

Shericka Gee: Well my name is Shericka Gee: Gee and I actually am the owner of S.H.E. by Schericka Shericka which...

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