Life in the Overflow is just that... a publication that celebrates those living their lives poured out in entrepreneurship, business, ministry and life!

Since 2010 we have been a mainstream movement in media for those that have gone unrecognized and underexposed.

Life in the Overflow Magazine has also provided red carpet media coverage for the Stellar Awards and other high-profile events; interview features with Sarah Jakes Roberts, the late Bishop Rance Allen and others. The magazine spin-off In the Flow LIVE Radio shared interviews with Dr. Bobby Jones, LeAndria Johnson, Jewel Tankard to name a few and a host of other up and coming authors, musicians, ministries and business owners!

Live your life poured out in the Overflow!



Life in the Overflow magazine launched in 2010 as an inspirational media outlet with mainstream appeal. Our vision was to be that outlet for those living their lives poured out in ministry, businesses, entrepreneurship, in music and authorship. We wanted to showcase our heroes, entrepreneurs, movers-and-shakers, and those that were not recognized  or underexposed in our inner-cities around the world.  We have quickly evolved into a lifestyle publication featuring celebrities, entrepreneurs best-selling authors and entertainers. 

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